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Hey everyone,

We've reforged the Sabre into a mouse suitable for champions! The SABRE PRO mice are designed for and tested by top esports professionals - providing a competitive edge. Here’s a few quick highlights:

  • Ergonomically shaped to perfectly suit claw and palm grips, while providing long-term comfort.
  • Sturdily constructed and lightweight at just 69g (non-RGB)/74g (RGB), allowing you to act with swift and precise reflexes.
  • The duo of CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE buttons and AXON Hyper-Processing Technology deliver your movements and clicks faster than ever.
  • Connected by a flexible, featherweight cable that features a paracord weave for drag reduction - enabling fluid and agile mouse movements.

Click the following for more information: SABRE PRO, SABRE RGB PRO. We’ve put together a quick FAQ below.

Q: Aside from weight and RGB, what else is different between the SABRE PRO and SABRE RGB PRO?

A: The SABRE RGB PRO's DPI button is on top, while the SABRE PRO's DPI button is on the bottom.

Q: Is there onboard memory?

A: You bet! You'll be able to adjust the five onboard DPI presets, along with hardware lighting (SABRE RGB PRO).

Q: Are these mice compatible with NVIDIA Reflex?

A: They are! We even earned a chart-topping mouse click latency rating - you can find details on our blog.


Let us know if you guys have any questions or thoughts!

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Anyone else notice significant button wobble on the RGB version of this mouse? Techne mentions it in his review video at about 2:20 ([ame]



I returned mine and got the non RGB model which has almost no wobble, but I’d much rather have the RGB model (hopefully wireless one day)


Aside from that; the shape and feel of this mouse is fantastic and the clicks themselves are nice and crisp, but the loose m1/m2 is very disappointing.

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  • 2 months later...
Was just wondering if/when replaceable pfte glides are going to be made for the champion series? I absolutely love the mouse and for my hand/grip it fits perfect! The only drawback i've found while using it for the last three months or so, would be the skates are just a tid bit rough and scratchy (in my opinion)
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