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Corsair 5000X Case Fans Connected to Commander Core

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I've got the Corsair 5000X case, which comes with three SP RGB Elite Fans on the front of the case.


I've also got the Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix White AIO (which is connected to the Commander Core it came with, with an extra iCUE QL120 connected to it). The case fans are just connected to the motherboard, so total 7 fans in the case.


Can I switch the connections so that the three AIO fans AND the three SP RGB Elite case fans are connected to the Commander Core (so that I can control the profile for all 6 in the Corsair iCUE software), then connecting the last remaining back fan (iCUE QL120) to the case connectors (which currently have the three case fans connected).



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Corsair has a fan controller available to supplement the commander


I run my H115i fans from the provided headers it comes with and run my chassis fans with the commander


the extra fan controllers are handy for running a bunch of fans as seen in some extreme setups

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Thanks for the reply!

But doesn't the Capellix AIO come with a commander core that allows fan profile control in iCUE software?


I currently do that with the three fans that came with the AIO but was wondering if I can also plug the 5000X case fans into the Commander Core too

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For fan speed control, both the SP-Elite that come with the case and the ML-Elite from the AIO kit are PWM fans. The Commander Core control unit from the AIO will control fan speed for 6 fans. You also have a PWM repeater hub built into the case, so the three radiator fans (that will always run the same speed) can be offloaded to that and then will use 1 PWM header to control all 3. That will allow you control speed for 6+ fans from the Commander Core.


The ML-Elite and SP-Elite are a perfect lighting match, each with 8 LEDs. Those should connect to the RGB side of the Commander Core and will function as one lighting group. The problem is your rogue 7th QL fan that does not go with the others. You do not want that on the Commander Core as it will shift the lighting function of all the other fans. In order to work, it will need it's own RGB controller and function as a single fan group.

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Thanks for the reply.

Apologies in advance if I ask stupid questions, this is my first build.


Just for context - the 3 front SP Elite fans are my main intake fans and my AIO ML-ELite fans are the main exhaust at the top - so I was more concerned about controlling these fans in the iCUE software.

The back QL120 fan was more of an aesthetic add on than anything.


Understood about connecting the 3 case and 3 aio fans to the RGB side of the commander core, but, if I am not too fussed about controlling the fan of the QL120 in iCUE, can I just also plug the 6 fans into the fan control too of the Commander Core?


I should still be able to see the QL120 RGB control in iCUE (connecting it to the installed case hubs, in place of the original 3 case fans), right?


Thanks in advance !

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