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Is anyone finding they cannot match up the newer motherboards as well with current cases that are being marketed to us computer builders? I sure find it difficult and have been finding that USB-C 2x2 front connections are almost nonexistent, case fan technology is still using 3 pin DC fans vs. PWM 4 pin fans, SSD mounting locations are limited and rear case fans are still stuck using the smaller 120mm fans vs. 140mm which are much more efficient.


I also find that the keyboard styles are also limited to the standard design vs. having a few options in the "natural" or "ergonomic" shapes for those who would rather have them.


Corsair choices are not keeping up it seems.

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Well low end cases will often have 3 pin fans, but USB-C harnesses are very expensive, so you'll find them usually on mid to high end cases with PWM fans.


140mm fans are nice for aircooled builds, but more and more people use at least an AIO, or try custom loop.. 120mm fans have better static pressure, for radiators. They also cope with obstructed inlets like solid panels, dust filters, better than 140mm fans.

That said, lots of cases can accomodate both 120 and 140mm. I guess it all comes down to who uses the default fans, or who wants to replace them from the start. Personally i prefer cases with no fans since i always use my own.


SATA SSD ? less and less popular. most will go NVME on a new build. more speed, no cables. Most boards have at least 2, some have 3 slots. that's already a lot of storage before needing to pop a SATA drive.


That said on corsai's defense, i'd say Crystal 680x :) dual chamber made for 140mm fans, SSD and HDD trays in the dual chamber, front USB-C and 3.0


There's examples with other brands too, lots of options.


For the keyboards, i'm with you tho. can't find a decent ergo keyboard with mechanical or optical switches. I guess curved keyboards are more easily done with membranes than with switches..

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