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Crystal 570X + h100i Elite Capellix + QL120 RGB

Infected Shogun

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This case:




Someone kindly gifted me a retail 3X ql120 rgb and I have the capelix sitting around...


read the faqs and searched the forums but before I gut everything lol replacing the front fans with QL120 and having this work without re-doing it


I was initially looking at the 6 fan setup, 3 being the front, 2 being the cooler, and 1 would be the front and side badges correct or is that only the mirror black version? but then...


edit: ok reading more... I need to use the node that comes with the QL Fans and plug that into the one that comes with the cooler? and the node that comes with the case for the front and side logos? basically just want to swap the fans and be able to control them I don't care if it loses certain RGB features as long as it can all be the same color. all of these damn diagrams my head is spinning like the fans right now. I feel like I'm missing something =( Front fans don't work in iCUE right now


Thanks for assisting, I didn't want to piggyback on the other topics.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi there,


So you are using 3x QL120 RGB in the front of the case and then the fans that comes with the H100i Elite Capellix on the cooler? What is the 6th fan?


On the same Lighting Node Pro/Core you need to have the same kind of RGB fan for it to work properly.

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Thank you for the response. I have been in contact with support via email and they had me hook up the QL fans to the node that came with it and the fans from the cooler to the node that came with that, they all work. iCUE loses connection on the lock screen but otherwise everything is working.
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