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HX1000i and iCue 4.x

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Using the older iCue 3.x I was able to set single rail operation but not a custom fan profile on my HX1000i.


I discovered there was a iCue 4.x so I removed 3.x and installed it. I spent a few minutes looking over the new version and I was able to set a custom fan for my HX1000i so immediately the temperature fell substantially.


I am not a big fan of hot hardware, rather cool it so that caps etc. do not pop etc.



iCue 3.x did not offer version 4 as an update? Go figure.

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caps are not exactly hot usually, at least not in high end PSUs with very low ESR ones, and the switching electronics can run fine at very high temperatures, so the 40 - 50°C we see when running passive are totally fine.

If you have the fan pointing up in your case, the case internal pressure can be sufficient to have a bit of air passing through and cool the thing a bit.

PSU fans are usually sturdy.. but noisy.


Also, iCUE4 is an upgrade, not an update :) new software.

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yup, not really comparable. the 8000 series did run extremely hot (i had a 8800GT back in the days), so these caps were constantly bathing in hot air and dry up very quick.

In the PSU even with no airflow, i doubt the secondary caps will ever get that hot. and the 8600 was probably still subject to the infamous capacitor plague of the early 2000 :)


You can't compare a low end surface mount cap soldered a few inches to one of the hottest Nvidia chips ever to a high grade low ESR through hole beastie that's mounted on your HX1000 that barely warms up.

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Vegan, what's up with all the blog links?


Mostly to show how I ended up with the 750D after spending some $1500 on chassis that did not last long


some fell apart after 6 months, aluminum boxes were real crap

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