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Void Elite USB Dongle vs Jack

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Hi, my VOID Elites suddenly don't output the typical audio I'm used to. When I connect them via the 3.5mm jack, I will get plenty of audio formats to choose from (see attached, the image with many default formats) and sounds are to my preference. But when I plug it into the USB dongle, I will only get 2 and I also lose the Enhancements tab. Before when I was connected via the dongle the audio was fine and was how I preferred it but now it's sounding slightly muffled.



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The enhancement tab is removed because audio optimization is done with the surround dongle via iCUE. Have you made sure spacial sound is disabled? Did you adjust your EQ in iCUE? Do you have auto audio positioning enabled?


You can also try reset on the head set and force the firmware once again if your audio is still muffled.


Many similar issues on our Void Pro headset can be solved by doing a simple Soft-Reset. This will disconnect the battery from the void, and then reconnect it. All you would need to do is:

1.Make sure your void is unplugged and off.

2.Hold the Mute button on the void headset down for about 15 seconds

3.After holding the Mute button, hold the Power button until the Void turns on.

Then try testing the headset.


If it is still having issues, Contact Support @ https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us

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