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H150i Elite Capellix Not Configuring talking to iCUE 4

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My H150i Elite Capellix is now no longer talking to iCUE it stays on the rainbow lighting pattern when I change the scene (my RAM changes accordingly) I also think that its not changing its cooling accordingly as the fans seem to be on Extreme, Balanced, Extreme and no matter what i change them too the speeds don't adjust and when i move away from that screen and come back the settings have reverted to E,B,E again.


So far I have tried:

-Checked cables are seated

-Uninstalled and Reinstalled iCUE4

-Uninstalled iCUE4 and Installed iCUE3

-Checked the fan speed setting in the motherboard BIOS


Just before this happened I noticed that the middle fan had stopped and in iCUE it was missing all together (its back now)


Any help/guidance would be great.


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Fan speed does not necessarily change between Quiet/Balanced/Extreme when at lower temperatures. It's not a low/med/high setting and each has it's own Temp vs RPM curve. If you go to the Performance Tab + and create a custom curve, you can replicate those three presets with the shape tools in the upper right corner of the graph. I recommend most people do that anyway so they can tweak their baseline idle fan speed, curb premature high fan levels, or otherwise adapter the curve to their specific environment.


Is the Elite AIO dropping in and out of CUE? Does it show at all? Since you are on a x570 MB, you may want to look at the disconnect thread from the CUE section. There is a USB power issue with x570 and B550 MBs, but it is not clear yet if that is what is happening to you. Since the RAM does not use the USB Bus to communicate, it is not likely to be affected by this.



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