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Weird Noise (from fan?)

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my PC is making a weird noise every 5-15 minutes. It sounds like a fan is accelerating very fast for a split second and then goes back to normal again. The only things that are moving in my computer are 10 QL120 fans that are connected to a CoPro via 5 2 way splitter cables, the XD5 pump and the fan of the AX850 PSU. I compared the noise with manually accelerating the pump and the QLs to 100% PWM. The pump has a completely different sound and the QLs have a lower pitch than the weird sound that I am getting. For the QL fans I also don’t see any RPM spikes in the Dashboard, but that might be due to the 1s polling rate which is probably too slow to catch it. I have tried with ICue 3 and 4 and it happens on both versions. It is not really a big deal but still I would like to get to the bottom of it. Does anyone have an idea what the issue might be?

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If the fans don't show a spike, I would look at the AX860 going from a passive state to active fan and that typically involves a full 12v power on before falling back to the designated speed. That usually is usually power load dependent, so it should not be triggering at the desktop level.
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No I’m still at work but I’ll do it later and let you know


EDIT: it was indeed the fan of the PSU... I disabled zero fan mode and now everything stays silent. Thanks c-attack for the hint

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