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What do I really need when wanting RGB fans?


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Hello, in my current system are four old RGB fans, from an rather unknown company, which are blowing their last breaths. So now I want six new Corsair RGB fans.

The only thing I do really understand is the difference between thew QL and the LL.


I'm only interested in the LL and wanted to ask, what do I really need with it?

I'm really confused about the Nodes, the Commander Pro and so on....


So my question is: What do I really need for six Corsair LL120 RGB Fans?

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1 Lighting Node Pro (RGB controller)

1 RGB Lighting Hub (5v power supply for fans)

6 x LL120 fans


You will get both the LNP and RGB hub in any one "triple pack" of LL120s. For the remaining 3, you can get another triple pack or 3 singles depending on cost.

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