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k95 volume wheel only increases but never decreases volume?

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Got my k95 today and everything appears to work except the volume wheel. I can increase the volume. I can mute and unmute the volume. But decrease the volume it will not.


I also looked at how the wheel is mapped etc using the software. It seems to be mapped correctly to decrease volume. There doesn't seem to be any funny business there.


Also, the Nexus arrived too and the on-screen volume adjustment via the Nexus works just fine for both increasing or decreasing the volume.


Any ideas why the k95 volume wheel is not decreasing volume for me? Or how to debug it further?

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Okay, I got a little further diagnosing this issue:


I have the keyboard shared between two laptops via a UGREEN USB switch [1] which I use to switch USB peripherals between the two laptops.


However, I noticed that if the k95 XT is plugged into the UGREEN USB switch then the volume wheel issue occurs, but if it is plugged into the laptop directly then the issue does not occur!


I also noticed that if the keyboard is plugged into the UGREEN USB switch then only 'HID Keyboard Device' appears in Windows 10 'Devices and Printers' whereas when plugged in directly, then a 'CORSAIR K95 RGB PLATINUM XT Mechanical Gaming Keyb...' device shows up.


Question: Should the keyboard work in general with USB switches? And is there a USB switch known to work with the keyboard? It would be very annoying to have all my USB peripherals switching correctly except for the K95 keyboard...


[1] https://www.amazon.ca/UGREEN-Computers-Peripheral-Switcher-One-Button/dp/B01N6GD9JO

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Update: Fixed my volume wheel issue:


Turns out that my UGREEN USB Switch was causing the volume wheel to fail even though the rest of the K95 XT keyboard works. Plugging in the keyboard without the USB switch made the volume wheel also work.


Solution: I upgraded to a better / different USB switch; "Cable Matters 4 Port USB 3.0 Switch Hub USB Sharing Switch for 4 Computers and USB Peripherals" [1]. Now the keyboard just works even though it is plugged in via the new USB Switch.


Side note: After hot plugging the new USB Switch then the Nexus stopped working! It went into a kind of crash loop whereby Windows mounted it, but then immediately unmounted it, and repeated forever. This happened when it was plugged in via the USB Switch or directly into the laptop itself. Called the Corsair support line and they pronounced it 'bricked' and wanted to send me a new one. However, after the call, I restarted the laptop and everything just worked again... so false alarm. And tech support should always try and get the customer to reboot at least once :-)


[1] https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B083JKDNRJ/

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