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H150i RGB Pro XT with Noctua NF-F12 fans spinning at full speed

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I replaced the stock fans on my H150i RGB Pro XT (3x120mm), which were working perfectly (but too loud), with Noctua NF-F12 chromax.black.swap PWM 120mm fans.


It was just a matter of disconnecting the old fans and connecting the new to the same contacts. But when I boot up, 2/3 fans are now spinning almost at full speed ~1500rpm. While only one of fan is actually obeying the profile and spinning at ~300rpm.


Only one of the fans is actually obeying the iCUE settings and I can change it how I want. But it doesn't matter what profile or setting I apply to the other two, they still keep spinning at full speed.


For example, I could apply "Zero RPM" mode on all of them, but only one of them would actually stop.


Also, I checked in BIOS but the fan profile/settings were still the same. Everything should be running as slow/quiet as possible.


The temperature was also good, around ~25 °C


What could be the problem and how to fix it?

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Unfortunately this is likely a PWM incompatibility between the Chromax and the XT controller. There are several European spec PWM fans that have control issues on the Corsair controllers. It’s generally a short list that includes the Noctua Industrial 3000 rpm fans, BeQuiet Silent Wings 2&3, and some of the EK Vardar line. However the Platinum/XT models appear to be more discriminating and this behavior has been reported on all of the Noctua Industrial, Chromax, and a few reports about the Redux as well. It’s possible you might be able to wash the signal through a PWM repeater hub connecting back to one of the XT PWM headers. I don’t have a Platinum or XT to test the exact combination, but this often work with the Commander Pro.
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I solved the problem. Turn's out that the physical 4-pin connectors are not so tightly connected between the noctua fans and the corsair fan splitter. So I assume the 4th pin didn't make contact on 2/3 fans, but as soon as I applied a little force/nudge it made contact and started working correctly again.


So my ghetto solution was to use electrical (black) tape on all three connectors to make sure they are not loose in the future.

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