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Icue causing issues with laptop sound


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Hi All,


I bought my son a k65 rapid fire keyboard the other day. He loves it apart from an annoying issue with the sound on his laptop.


with the ICUE software installed there is a degradation of sound from the laptop (HP Omen 17). I tried everything from updating drivers to reinstalling windows but the sound problem persisted (sound is awful and crackly). i even bought a new SSD and loaded windows onto that but as soon at the ICUE software was installed, the sound issues returned.


As soon as i uninstall the software the sound is ok again....


I tried the keyboard and software on my desktop and it works fine.


Is there a known issue with using the ICue software (i used 3.68 and 4) with a HP laptop?


I'm loathed to spend money on an item that i cant use fully so if I cant figure this out then back it will go unfortunately, which is a shame.


Any thoughts would be welcome thank you

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