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Corsair avoid pro wired headset mic not working

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I need help with my headset. I’m not rich or well off. Actually a single mom going through a rough patch with employment. So I can’t afford a high end headset and have to make due with what I have. I’m kind of new to this stuff, and really need some help. My father referred me to you guys telling me if anyone could help, it would be this place. So here’s my problem.


I bought a Corsair void pro headset a month or two back. The wired one. Not the USB one. Relatively cheap. And it would work for what I needed it for. Got home. Unboxed. It didn’t work. Sent it back, and just got the replacement one from Corsair. The sound works on this one quite well. But I can’t get the mic to work. Well. Kind of.


If I put the mic right to my mouth and speak, it picks up my voice. If I tap the mic, it picks the sound up. If I play a video on Youtube while in discord, it picks up the sound and plays it on his end. But having the mic at regular distance from my mouth, it does not pick up voice at all. As I’m on discord with my father, the mic test shows it’s picking up his voice on the other side. But not mine. If I’m in game, with discord up, my father can hear the game sounds. I’ve played around with settings, put in tickets, and everything else. But I can’t fix it. I’ve tried upping my sensitivity as well and that hasn’t worked. Plugged the headset into different panels, that hasn’t work. I just really need some help.


Thanks in advance.

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