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Commander Pro Fan Hardware Profiles

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Hello, I have a question regarding the fan hardware profiles of the commander pro. I am using 4x LL120 fans which are set to a dynamic profile (source CPU temp, 700-1200 rpm). Are these dynamic profiles still active, when iCue App/Service is not running? I cannot check this, because i cant monitor the fans without iCue.


The Ryzen 5900X draws a lot more power in idle with iCue, so i dont want the software running, when not necessary.


Thank you, cvzone

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CUE needs to running in order to use non-native control sources like CPU or GPU temp. It may stick at the last known fan speed, but it's not always guaranteed. You probably don't want to be using CPU in software or hardware mode with a 5900X. All that will do is make your fans race up and down with little relationship to case ambient temperature.


If you spend a lot of time with CUE not running or for anyone looking to make a controlled fan profile, use the temperature probes that come with the Commander Pro. This is the native control source for the device and works at all times. You have 4 slots for it, but it is not necessary to use them all. 1 near the rear exhaust is likely the best source for fan control, but you can also throw one up front so you have an idea of the difference between intake and exhaust air temps. There is no specific value the air temp should be and the reading you get can vary with small movement of the sensor in one direction or another. For that reason, just pick a spot you like and then observe to see the normal range. Then set you fans for noise tolerance to that general temperature range.

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