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9x QL120's + 3x NZXT AIO fans + CoPro in Lian Li O11 Dynamic Question?

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Ordered a prebuilt from a UK System Integrator despite building my own PC's for 15 years in order to get a GPU and closer to MSRP and much quicker.


Its a Lian Li O11 Dynamic Midi Tower White, with a Ryzen 7 5800x, Asus Strix Gaming F x570 motherboard, 4x 8gb sticks of Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200mhz DDR4, Asus Strix RTX 3090 OC, 512GB Samsung 980 Pro NVME (Gen4) for OS, 2TB Samsung 970 Evo NVME (Gen 3) for Games Storage and I will transfer from current build 2x 3TB Toshiba 7200rpm HDD's for Media.


As this SI doesn't have all the parts I want I will order the following items separately. 10x Corsair Black Framed QL120 RGB fans, an iCUE Commander Pro and an NZXT Kraken Z73. Sorry Corsair, but I fell in love with the Kraken Z73 so no Corsair AIO for me this time with this build.


So the plan is basically this aesthetically speaking though some parts differ from the build in the video:





There is room in this case to run the 360mm Radiator in Push/Pull if I decide to put the Rad in the Side mounting point to the right of the Mobo in that Vid. So my 10x QL120's would be all the visible fans in the case like the VID (10th Fan as another exhaust over IO Shield) but I would also have the 3x NZXT Radiator fans hidden on the backside of the Radiator.


So the question is how to wire all that up. Do the Nodes that come with the 3x 3Packs of QL120's combined with the CoPro cover the RGB connections for the 10 QL120's? Can the CoPro in combination with some PWN Y splitters or a seperate PWM Controller cover the 13 fans? Ideally I want to be able to control all 6 fans on the Radiator (ie. 3x QL120's and 3x NZXT Rad fans) with the iCUE or NZXT Control software such that they are based off of the Water temperature and not the CPU or Core Package temps. Back in the day with my Corsair H110GT cooling a 6700K, no matter what fan curve I set the fans would ramp up and down even in google chrome on a media heavy web page. It was only when I realised that it should actually be based off of the AIO Water temp which is much more stable, did my fan ramping issue get solved. I would like to maintain that functionality with this new PC. WHats the best way to achieve that? All 6 rad fans connected to CoPro headers and the other 7 case fans on a separate Fan controller. Or those 7 case fans connected to the CoPro (with 1 Y splitter) and the 6 Rad fans on a separate controller connected to where it needs to be for the NZXT AIO Control software to manage the rad fans?


On my old build I also used Speedfan to base the Case Intake and Exhaust fans speeds off my GPU temps. ie My GPU fan profile was set not to even spin up till the card hit 50ºc. Case Intake and Exhaust were set in Speed fan to minimum RPM. When gaming though, once the GPU temp went above 50ºc, I set a curve in Speedfan to increase the RPM's of the Case Intakes and Exhaust. Is this possible to replicate in iCUE?


Is it possible to shut down iCUE without losing fan control or shut down the RGB component of it at least. Apparently iCUE can flood the USB sub system with 'interrupts' as it controls the RGB which can affect VR negatively. So when I VR game I may need to shut off the RGB control. Other users in my household on my home network will also be VR gaming on this PC remotely as well as 2D Pancake gaming via Steam In-Home Streaming/Remote Play without direct access to the PC. Ideally when they use this PC remotely and wake it up WOL with a 'magic packet', I wonder is it possible to set up a scripted or scheduled task or something like that, that would shut off RGB when they connect and re-enable it when they disconnect. Not sure if that kind of thing is possible though.

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Hello there. You can use 2 of the Lighting Node Cores to control the RGB of the 9 QL Fans. Just set up Hardware Lighting so that you have lighting when you close iCUE. Set the fans to one of the 3 default, and it should remain when iCUE is closed.
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