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iCUE4 and Vengeance RGB Pro only ORANGE


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In iCUE3 I only used hardware mode lighting for the RAM and had it set to the colors I want.


When iCUE4 runs, they only light up as up orange.


When I go to the HARDWARE LIGHTING tab, the RAM turns the correct color I had previously. I can enable/disable and change the colors here. However, when I LEAVE the HARDWARE LIGHTING tab, the ram turns ORANGE.


When I go to the LIGHTING EFFECTS tab, it shows orange. I can't remove the Orange. There are not lighting profiles here. I can create one and apply it, but there is no effect.


I have noticed I don't see a check box option anywhere for "Enable Full Software Control" as was in iCUE3.


If I QUIT iCUE the hardware lighting colors come back and work properly.


iCUE 4.9.350

Vengeance RGB Pro 1.02.64








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I think it was Armoury Crate messing it up. I did have that installed but never used it and never though it to be an issue. Worked fine with iCUE3.


Uninstalled Armoury Crate and disabled Armoury Crate in my BIOS (that's a thing yes). Left AURA on in BIOS. Don't have AURA installed.


Also, uninstalled iCUE4 and removed all traces of iCUE3/4 in "Program Files", "%APPDATA%" and "Program Data" etc...


Reinstalled fresh, looks good.

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