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What cables for rm850x?

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Hello i need a splitter for pcie 8pin to 2x 6+2 pin (classic gpu cable), becouse i need to power the risers.


i found some splitters, but i dont know if are compatible with my PSU


this will be good?

VGA PCIe 8 Pin Female to Dual 2X 8 Pin (6+2) Male PCI Express Power Adapter Braided Y-Splitter





in the description they say "not compatible with full modular psu" :sigh!: why?



anyway where i can find those type of splitters for RM850X?

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they mean you can't plug that directly into the PSU's unit itself. it has to plug to the end of the PCIE cable.

It will work, but it won't double the power rating of the RM850 cable, which is 150W for a PCIE cable.


If you are making a mining rig, work backwards. see what power you need, how many PCIE connectors and go from there.

You may need to daisy chain several PSUs or get a more powerful one with more PCIE outputs.

Can save you a smoky meltdown

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  • Corsair Employees



We don't officially support cable extenders, splitters, or adapters. We recommend that use Corsair cables with your PSU.


We do sell a dual connector, if this is what you are looking to purchase.




For further assistance,


Contact Support @ https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us

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