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BIOS settings for MSI and commander core?

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Hello everyone,


I just recently built an AMD rig with an MSI B550 board, 4000x, H150i elite capplix 280mm, and 3 SP120 RGB Elite fans. The H150i came with the commander core. Right now for my MSI board I don’t see a way to disable fan control in the motherboard. All the fans in my case are PWM which are hooked up through the commander core. The MSI bios has my fans set to auto for power control, and I was wondering if I should change that to PWM or leave it at auto?

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You don’t need to do anything. There is no BIOS to controller interaction for the Commander Core, aside from USB protocols. No changes should necessary. The Com Core is PWM only and uses an auto-detect on each port. This is pretty much plug and play from the BIOS end.


In CUE you will want to get off the Quiet/Balanced/Extreme presets right away. You can make the coolant temp version of those by going to the Performance tab + and creating a custom curve. Look for the shape tools in the upper right corner of the graph. Those are a good starting point for most people, but since it is environmentally based most users will want to shift the points a degree or two one way or the other. Those points were based on a 21C or so ambient temp. If your case sits at 27C, then 27C should be the baseline.


That works for radiator fans but can also be applied to all case fans for intake/exhaust balance. You can create additional fan curves for the other cases fans and use GPU temp or motherboard temp as the control variable depending on location and purpose. Stay away from cpu temp as it’s far to dynamic with no relevance to the case internal temperature.

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