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Bad Memory?

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Assuming that the memory slots on the motherboard were defective I got new motherboard from manufacturer now.(Abit AI7)

I had run 2 sticks of xms 3500 256mb for abt. a yr. on this motherboard model with a 2.5 intel processor without a problem.

Problems started, however, when I upgraded to a new processor, an Intel 3.0.

As i said, I got a new motherboard now, and one of the sticks is not detected by the motherboard. I tested each stick independently in each of the 4 slots. One is fine, and is detected on any of the four slots without a problem.I run memetest from floppy and stick shows no errors.

The second one, is not detected in any of four slots. Computer will not even boot in order to run memtest.

I know you will be telling me that you don't recommend anyone using sticks bought separetally and that that is the reason it probably does not work.


CAn you tell me why it worked on my machine and I was able to run it without a problem until recently,when blue screen suddenly appeared?


Other than trying these stick on another computer and running memtest

I have tried all other options suggested in these forum with no luck.

The stick may be bad. I do not know.

Can RAM suddenly go bad after working fine for so long? What will the main causes be?



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I would suggest you RMA the set of modules so they match.

Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!

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