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Requesting Corsair's Help - LT 100 Expansion Missing Connecting Cable

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I purchased two expansion towers directly from Corsair to match the starter set that I also purchased directly with Corsair at the end of December; however, one of the expansion towers came with the wrong connecting cable. On January 10, 2021 I contacted CSR and received a ticket and a response that, "Unfortunately, the item is out of stock. I will keep an eye on this cable and will inform you if it will be available soon."


Checking the ticket history (#2003903489) I see that the status was changed to "closed" in error at some point which may be reason for the delay.


However, as of April 4th, I have heard nothing and have received nothing. Would someone be able to shake one of these "Y" cables loose for me? I sure would like to have the 4th tower working.


Thank you,


R. Dunstan

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