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K57 wireless keyboard & Harpoon wireless mouse both disconnect at random times?

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I chose to include both the keyboard and the mouse in this post, as the issue is the same for both. I bought the K57 wireless RGB keyboard a week ago, and the Harpoon RGB mouse 6 days ago.


Now, the issue itself occurs when I'm playing a game. At random times, the keyboard will disconnect and reconnect itself, and the same goes for the mouse. This doesn't happen at the same time, but rather it's like they take turns. My PC is relatively new (bought new anprebuilt in May '20), so the USB ports aren't to blame I think (I only use the 2.4 ghz dongles as I haven't tried Bluetooth yet, because I have so many other devices connected via bluetooth and I'd rather not add more) - I've also used several other keyboards and mice with this PC without issue as recent as last week. I've made sure to update both the keyboard and the mouse to the most recent software via iCue, and I'm certain all my drives are up-go-date as far as anything else goes. I've also made sure to turn off the option in Windows where it disconnects USB devices after a set period of time/doesn't automatically connect.


I can't seem to find a pattern to the disconnects. I can sometimes play for only 10 minutes, and sometimes for 40 or so, before one of the devices decide to disconnect and then reconnect. Obviously, this isn't very practical when gaming. Neither the keyboard nor the mouse seem to disconnect when performing other activites, like regular typing, browsing, etc. - only when playing a game. I've looked at every logical setting, browsed tons of related questions, and yet I can't figure this out. I just can't believe the issue lies with the devices themselves, since that seems like it'd be pretty statistically unlikely. The issue doesn't occur when I use the cables that came with the keyboard/mouse to connect directly into the PC; but that would also defeat the purpose of using wireless devices. I also don't think I'm seated too far away from the PC, currently 2m away from it.


Any suggestions?

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Hi folpho,


That's very strange, is there a particular game you're playing that's causing the peripherals to disconnect randomly? Or is it any game?

It has happened with Dead Cells, The Witcher 3, and TES: Oblivion so far, so seems to affect all games.

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