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Pump failing

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So, I have a pump that seems to be failing...The symptom I have is the coolant gradually warms under CPU intesive apps (This was never a problem in the past). I found that the fans would speed up and take a long time to rev down after the app was closed.

With that, I did the normal, I cleaned the radiator and fans, re-applied thermal paste. I increased pump and fan speed. I updated iCue to the latest and forced a firmware update.

The radiator is mounted best practice and I set the case on a 45 to ensure there was no air trapped. And it wasn't until I put the case on the side that the temps went down a considerable amount, but not to normal temps.

The only conclusion I can get to, after all of this, is that the pump is failing to move the liquid to the radiator (unless it is on its side) and once the load is removed from the CPU, the fans can pull enough heat out of the liquid that is cools down (It used to take seconds to see the coolant temp drop, now it takes up to 5 to ten minutes to drop a faction of a degree).

With that, this is second Hydro AIO I have had on this system, and in a three year period. I have an RMA (https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/requests/2004198417) and pulled the unit out of the sytem (I have a spare cooler installed). But knowing the support experience I have had in the past, I thought a good explanation here would be a better approach as the only way I recieved suppost in the past was on this forum...

Anyways, if a support engineer is reading, I could use some help on my RMA (I would prefer a refund)...Thanks

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There really isn’t enough information here to even begin some type of analysis about what’s going on. It is not likely to be a failing pump. This would cause issues at all times loaded or not and the coolant and the cpu temp would start escalating the moment you power on. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem with something else, but there’s not enough detail to form a hypothesis.


Most unexpected temperature readings have an environmental origin. You are going to need to compare ambient internal temp in the radiator area to coolant temp after these loads. Since it’s not clear where you radiator is located that could be the top of the case or both the intake and internal front area if front mounted. Hardware specifications like what cooler model and CPU are necessary along with some coolant temperature values.

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