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KATAR Pro KT not working after firmware update

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hey i just bought Katar PRO KT mouse about 1 week ago , everything was working fine the mouse is good but then i opened icue software to change my dpi and i saw software update for Katar PRO on icue, then i have it updated but suddenly my mouse is not working after the update(mouse rgb on the scroll wheel is not on, i cant move the cursor or click anything,BUT i can see the sensor's light underneath the mouse), the app told me to replug the mouse but nothing happened after i do that, i tried to reinstall icue with clean install but the mouse still not working can somebody help me?


sorry for my bad english

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Hi there, i pretty gotten similar situation, as i just gotten my KATAR Pro KT like 2x days ago.

Saw the firmware update, during update, it shows "in progress 100% firmware update", and asked to "replug mouse".

So i followed that instruction and now my mouse not working at all...

Any remedy/solution for my newly bought mouse?

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