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LL120 Fans w/ AIO with ML fans?

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Hi Spritefalcon,


It will work, but you will need two internal USB headers on your motherboard.

The case comes with a RGB hub where the LL fans needs to be connected to, and the AIO cooler comes with 3 ML fans that needs to be connected to the commander core (that comes with the cooler.


You sadly cannot put all 6 fans RGB on one header as the controllers only works with one type of fan (LL has 16 LED's, ML on the elite capellix has 8 if I remember correctly).


Another "issue" is that you will need to mount your H150I cooler in the front of the case - but this is actually good as you can then move the 3 LL fans to the rear, and top of the case, setting them to exhaust.

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