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Dominator RGB issues with Ryzen Master

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Every time I start Ryzen Master after iCue is already running, my RGB leds from my Dominator memory modules freeze. The only way that they wake up again is restart whole system. All other RGB lighting are fine (fans, led strips, AIO).


If Restart my system and start Ryzen Master as soon as I can and before iCue the RGB light work without any issue.


Any Idea if there's any fix?




My specs:

Ryzen 9 3900X

4 sticks 8GB Corsair Dominator (Black, 3200Mhz)

Aourus Elite X570 with the latest bios firmware.

All iCue components are also updated.

iCue version 3.38.61 doesn't matter at all because the issue persist in every update of the software.

Ryzen Master

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