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Fans Not working

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so i recently bought an elite capellix 240mm with the commander pro unit,


i have 5 ll120 rgb fans plugged in working perfectly and they show within icue


but i bought an ll140 rgb for the rear exhaust for my case, plugged it all into the commander pro like the other fans


fan is spinning, not showing in icue and no rgb effects,


would anyone possibly have and idea whats going wrong?


Thanks Ravo

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It should work. Fan size (120 vs 140) is not relevant for lighting purposes. The Commander Core uses an auto-detect protocol for PWM port detection and on the lighting side. You can force it to re-run the lighting assessment from CUE settings. For the PWM side, I find a power cycle helps if it gets stuck. Do a full shutdown, flip the PSU switch off for 10 seconds, then boot up again.
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  • Corsair Employees

The LL and ML fans on the same Commander Core can cause some lighting issues as the controller doesn't know where one LED begins, and another ends.


For lighting to work properly you will need to go into Lighting Setup for your device and tell iCUE what device is connected, and if applicable, how many are connected. If you do not do this, iCUE won't know it needs to power your lighting or may do it incorrectly.


The Commander Core has Auto Detect. So try changing that to LL Series fans, and if possible tell it there are 6 fans total. Close iCUE and reopen it.

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