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icue high cpu usage


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It should be 0.X%


Although the occupancy rate is high


But in fact it’s only about 5%


As long as ICUE is turned on, it will be eaten up by about 5% of the CPU for no reason.


And as long as I turn on ICUE, the CPU temperature will be 20 degrees hotter (nothing else is turned on)


I found that if I restrict ICUE to only use one core


He will directly eat up the utilization rate of that core


But because I have a lot of cores, I only account for 5% of the total


Maybe this is the cause of the fever


I update ICUE or delete and reinstall it is useless


I googled but didn't get the answer


Or is there any program that can limit its cpu usage?


Already very troubled



Although you can also say not to open it


But I need it to control my RGB


CPU is 5900X


The heat dissipation is h150i rgb pro xt


ICUE 3.38.61









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Are you using Corsair ram, if so check the system setting for the led control, be a while since i used corsair ram but when i did....disabling full control returned cpu usage to normal


Srub that....i see your using gskill.....hmmmmm.


Ever heard the saying " you cant make a omelet without breaking a few eggs".....i think Icue v4 is a new omelet.

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