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SP 120 RGB Fan + Commander Pro


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Hi all


I purchased an SP 120 RGB fan recently and there's a wire which says 'RGB Hub'.


I have a Commander Pro hub which I thought this RGB wire would plug into but it doesn't seem to me that any of the sockets are compatible despite being described as a 'RGB Lighting Controller' :-/


Do I additionally need the RGB FAN LED Hub?



Links to products below:





Commander Pro





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In the Commander Pro picture with all the cables it is the cable set on the right next to the manual. There are two of them for two RGB channels. This connects the RGB hub to Ch 1 or Ch 2. Yes, you need a RGB lighting hub to utilize the RGB channels on the Commander Pro and Lighting Node Pro.


Those are SP-Pro fans and that is a key distinction to make vs "SP120 RGB" which is a much older fan with some unique parameters. Your SP-Pro comes with a Lighting Node Core that is both RGB fan hub and lighting controller/software interface -- if you bought the multi-pack.

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