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Advice on what to do in regards to bad memory

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I have 2 sticks of these:


I bought from amazon in dec, I built my system about a month ago but using an old video card I experienced random crashes/issues (I never fully tested my system because I was waiting for a new video card) (to be honest I thought the random crashes might be from using an old 970gtx on a new built system (I dont know) - only used just light browsing work, youtube etc.



I finally got a new gpu 6700xt yesterday and reinstalled/formatted everything (and updated all drivers/bios to latest) and wanted to test it using timespy.

Long story short.

It would always crash with my memory set at xmp.

I noticed that if I took off xmp timespy wouldnt crash.

Then I decided to try each stick separately at xmp.

One stick always crashes timespy, the other never crashes timespy (both set at xmp). I tried this 5x each. (placed the sticks in the same mem slot in case you are wondering; only variable is which stick I used).


So amazon said I should go through corsair to get this rectified.

What is the best way? Considering 1 stick is bad and 1 is ok; but if corsair sends me say 1 stick is that not a good idea when you are dealing with a pair of memory?


anyways whats your take?


oh awhile ago I tried running what is that program mem86+ (that mem test thing for 6 hours and no issues were found; although it didnt get through many tests - 64 gigs takes forever to run), I saw it suggested on another forum in regards to my random crashes.

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You're gonna have to send the kit back, not just one stick and Corsair now requires the proof of purchase, hopefully, they are fast with yours, when I RMA'ed my USB flash drive, they took over three months and I think I saw in the webpage that they were waiting for my response, which made no sense but save the RMA page so you have quick access to it.


I don't buy electronics from Amazon, they handle too much stuff, I go to newegg every time, and never a bad kit.

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