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Compatibility Corsair XM2 and ASUS Formula VIII x570

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I am writing to know if someone has try to use the XM2 SSD cooler on the asus crosshair formula VIII.

I ask this because the room for a cooler in the SSD slots is very restricted. Therefore, the asus system to cool down the SSDs is very poor and because I have a full corsair custom loop I want to add also the SSDs in the loop, but before to buy something that does not fit I will be very happy if someone has some info about the compatibility.



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Based on this image, I think it could work. There seems to be enough width and 'depth' to fit XM2 water block.


Here's additional information that might help you since you have the actual board and if you are able to take measurements with a caliper.

Width of XM2 unit (with bracket) is 23mm.

Required clearance under the M.2 PCB is 2.1mm.

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The clearance under the m.2 is fine, but I have absolutely no space for the brackets. Maybe I can try to mount them without the brackets. In such way the heatsink should stay in place vertically "thanks" to the motherboard wall around the SSD slots.

I have two SSD, hence using hard tubing the heatsinks will stay in place also horizontally. Furthermore, both have the controller and memory on one side only, so using hard tubing I can make the right pressure over the thermal pad to maintain a good contact.

Which is the width of XM2 without bracket?

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