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MB for ASUS P4Pe with i845PE @ 2.4 GHZ


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Home built this baby a few years ago with one of your CMX512-2700C2 modules and RADEON 8500DV All-in-wonder. I'm not a hardcore gamer; use the machine for Medal of Honor & Grand Theft Auto (original). Rest of the time, I use it for MS Office applications and the RADEON for time-shift recording.


No problems since birth. I'm ready to increase memory now. What are your suggestions?


I may upgrade CPU to 3.0GHZ/hyperthread within the year. If I do, are recommendations any different?




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Unfotunately, the MOBO still only supports DDR333.

New CPU or not.

The TWINX1024-2700LL would be your best bet.


For your usage, you'd benefit from more RAM rather than a CPU change,

unless you decide to change MOBO's also to be able to use faster memory.

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