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H150i E. C. Pump Cap & Fans

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Hello Corsair community


I have installed the Corsair H150i Elite Capellix in black for 3 days. Today I thought to install the clear pump cap and then the question arose whether Corsair had changed something.


The back of my clear cap is covered with a white film. You don't get it either. So there is no clear cap on my black H150i. Unlike in all reviews where it is clear.


Then to the new ML Capellix fans that are there. In my opinion, Corsair did the wrong positioning of the LEDs. For example, if I choose a color for the 4 LEDs above and for the 4 LEDs below, the result is no longer a horizontal line but a diagonal one, because the LEDs are "twisted" compared to the new iCUE SP RGB ELITE PERFORMANCE or other fans from Corsair.


With the new ML Capellix fans, the LEDs are, as an example, at 12 / 1.5 / 3 / 4.5 / 6 / 7.5 / 9 & 10.5 o'clock. For horizontal / vertical illumination of the LEDs, they would have to be installed exactly in between. Actually where the distance from LED to LED is now. That bothers a lot when you work in iCUE.


Now a little opinion of the pump ... Even my old Krank X52 from 2015/2016, which was exchanged for the H150i EC, is quieter than this pump. It was actually inaudible. Corsair can't do that with the Elite Capellix AiO! I will definitely only use this on the "quiet" profile. Otherwise it is much too loud and starts to whistle a little.


I hope that someone can tell me something about it and is happy to share their experiences with me.


Greetings from Germany to the world, Raphael




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The White backing diffuses the LEDS better. The overall look when installed is the same, just the LEDS blend better, and look better. This was a change made to enhance the look. I apologize for the confusion earlier. Its a very recent change.
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