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Corsair ST100 Offset Lightning Color & Loud Sound

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Hi guys, I just recently bought the Corsair ST100, but I found some strange issues:

  1. The lightning color is offset, for example, when I set the color to yellow in iCUE, it become lime green. When I set to brown color, it become yellow. Set white, and it become blueish color
  2. When I plug an earphone to the jack port, the sound is very loud, when I set it to volume 1, it sounds like volume 14


I've searched on the internet about this issue, but I still think this is not normal, I emailed the Corsair support and they are offering for RMA. I also contacted to my place's distributor and the owner offering RMA too. I just want to make sure if those issues are affecting all ST100 or not, since it is quite far from my place to the distributor place.


I'm using iCUE version 4.9.338, with ST100 firmware version 0.04.106

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