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K70 MK2 Red Light Freeze Problem

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my newly bought k70 mk2 rgb turns on with rainbow colors when opening, after a while its color remains red. And nothing change this colour. Keyboard always red :) I try Device Settings / And Changed polling rate (anythnig) This is the only way I can change the color.


1 -


icue run

keyboard colour freeze always


icue closed

keyboard profile colour worked




2 -


and iclue closed on systry. And restart application worked full compatible iclue with coloured keyboard:D


What can i do thnx

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This is caused by MSI Mystic Light/Dragon Center. You can resolve this by disabling the option in the MSI software to not take control over third-party software/devices or you can disable SDK and Plugins in the iCUE software settings.


You are hero. I should have thought. But you solved the problem. Thnx a lot.

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