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cannot open display settings windows 10?

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I press windows menu in bottom left of screen and select the "settings" icon (the cog icon)


in the window that pops up, I can select any of the choices (devices, apps, personalization, etc.)


Except for one. If I choose "System", then the Settings program freezes up.


If i try to go other routes to get into some of the subsections of "system", I can get into the "sound", "notifications", and "power" settings.


So it is precisely the "Display" subsection of "System" that i cant get into in the settings app.


Furthermore, If I open the Radeon software and go to "Settings", "Display", "Arrange Display", it will open up the Windows Settings app, but the entire window of the app will just be blue with a white cog in the middle and sometimes after a few minutes an error window will pop up saying it could load the program. Other times it just stays permanently blue.


All I want to do is change the rotation on one of my monitors haha.


Does anyone have any idea on what could be causing this?

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update: I let it sit for a lontg time, like 5 minutes, and eventually it loaded up. Got my displays set up correctly finally.


But it still takes five minutes to open up the "Display" page in settings every time I open it (five minutes of blue screen with whith cog). All the other subsections of the settings app open up just fine.


Any ideas on a fix or what is causing this?

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