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Weird issue with RGB strips on Lighting Node PRO Controller turning off


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Hi Guys,


I have 4 corsair LED strips chained together, connected to one Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller.


Everything worked fine for a while.


Then My LEDs all went off. i plugged each one into the same output (1) and nothing.


Then i tried them in output 2, and they worked. ok.


After a while. Same thing happened.


Cant get them back on. Re-installed icue, restarted, re-wired them, checked connections, looked for loose wires, or shorts, nothing.


OK, i sucked it up and bought another Lighting Node PRO RGB Lighting Controller.


Installed it last night. Boom lights work (same strips).


Today, took my side panel off, didnt even touch anyything. didnt move anything, closed the panel. Boom. RGB lights off.


Same again, cant get channel 1 to work AT ALL.


Moved strips to channel 2, and they work.


What am i doing wrong here? Any help at all?


When/if this channel dies again i think i may just be done with RGB strips.

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We would recommend that you contact our support team by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com


thanks, but this forum used to be pretty good at responding to posts. seems nobody ever replies to anything now.


I'll just return these i guess to the store, i dont want to have to ship them back and wait for replacements.

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