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Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE / Settings EQ


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Hello everyone, I need good EQ (equalizer) settings for my Virtuoso Wireless SE Headset for gaming on Playstation 5 for example Call of Duty or Warzone. I tried different profiles and also searched here in the forum, but I couldn't find anything suitable. Please help! :[pouts: Edited by Kasi
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Hi Kasi,


Welcome to our forums! Have you already tried the different 3D Audio profiles provided in your PlayStation's audio settings? Unfortunately, EQ settings made in iCUE will not save onto the headset itself. iCUE is required to be running for EQ settings to take effect.

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Kasi, I'm in the exact same boat. They sound horrific out of the box and unfortunately, they seem to only be worth a thing with the EQ. Sadly will be returning mine.


Corsair, please next time add some storage for presets. The headphones cost me also 200 euro. Outright unacceptable!! Not a good first experience with the brand.

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