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Void Elite Wireless - Mic no longer mutes, please help

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Hello, about an hour ago, my mic just turned on by itself, the red light went away, and now it's permanently on. I tried putting it down and back up again, I tried the mute button on the side, turning on and off the head set, unplugging and plugging back in the wireless usb connector. and lastly tried restarting my computer.


The only way I can mute my mic is by going into the iCue software and muting the mic from there. It was working fine up until just recently. Is the headset faulty?


Edit: Just an update, I tested it out and it does mute properly but the state is off. The voice prompt will say if the mic is on, but won't say it's off when muted, and the red light no longer shows when the mic is muted. If I turn off voice prompts I'll get the beeps for when its off and on. The mute button though on the side of the headset doesn't work, pressing the button won't mute the mic.

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