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PROBLEM LAG occasionally mouse Harpoon RGB Wireless!

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Hi. I recently bought the harpoon rgb wireless mouse and I immediately ran into problems! Suddenly the mouse (occasionally) stutter for a few seconds and then "stabilizes" shortly after. At first I thought that maybe it could be a defective item ... so I asked for a return and I had another one sent ... but this too has the exact same problem! With the wire all this does not happen. Since win 10 I have disabled all energy savings (for each usb hub) ... I have also set the performance mode, I have "unparked" also the processors but nothing, this problem continues to persist. With the old mouse (the one I sent back) I updated the mouse to the latest firmware version available through ICUE .... and nothing has changed ... on the contrary, I think it has made the situation even worse. Before using the new mouse, I also formatted the PC and tried it without ICUE. In short, I really think that this line of mouse is, most likely, defective and that the 1000hz polling is just marketing! The fact is that I also find myself with this mouse, the problems I had with the first one. I exclude the software a priori!


My configuration is:


i7-6700k (NO OC), RTX2080S OC gigabyte, 16gb DDR4, ssd 1TB, Win7/Win10


PS: Ah .. I forgot. I also tried the mouse on win 7 and it has the exact same problem!!!!! Also I see that many people have the same problem as me!


Has anyone found the solution? Because otherwise I ask for the return of the product directly!


Thanks and sorry for my English

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  • Corsair Employees

Hello there,


We're terribly sorry for your negative experience with the Harpoon RGB Wireless.


This sounds like a tricky issue, and would be best addressed by the Tech Support team. Please open a ticket using the link at the top of this page, and include a photo of the bottom of your mouse with this as it has helpful product information for the Tech Support team.


Thank you.

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