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Can't get the LS100 450mm strips to work in PC

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Hi guys.


I have the Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB SE ATX Mid Tower Case, that includes the Commander Pro. However, I cannot get the LS100 strips to work at all in iCUE.


I did the install path, as the Corsair video on Youtube has it setup. But these strips will not turn on. I've also read on Reddit, and the forums here as well, on other methods, but nothing works at all.


Will someone give me advice on how to get these up and running please?


Thanks in advance!:biggrin:

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I just got it to work. I just had to change how I was connecting the 2nd strip through the Y cable, to the 1st strip, that is connected by the extension cord, to the Commander Pro.


These lights are truly a delight to look at.

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