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iCUE RGB lights on boot/shutdown


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Hi all,


Recently made a new rig, and the lighting effects are important for me.


I have a Commander Pro controlling 5 PWM red LED fans, XD5 RGB pump and via the motherboard header is controlling 2 12v RGB strips and a 5700XT 12v RGB waterblock.


The motherboard RGB is set to static white. The XD5 is set to static red. On boot and shut down, I receive a rainbow of lights that is not very nice to look at.


In iCUE 4.9.350 I can set the XD5 hardware channel but not the motherboard channel.

Is there anyway to set the hardware settings for the motherboard?

Would I have to use AURA software?

If I do, how do I ensure iCUE isn't overriding with the plugin?


Many thanks,


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Ignore me, I'm a dingus and sorted as below.

Would be nice to have an option for hardware channel in iCUE though? Or is this not possible, perhaps the MB stores the lighting info elsewhere.


-Uncheck "enable plugin" on iCUE

-Use AURA for MB RGB

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