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Did I get the ram I paid for?

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Hi, I use Corsair in all my computers so naturally when I bought my wife a new notebook I immediatley ordered an additional stick of corsair to max it out. I looked up in the memory configuration on the corsair site and the results came up as either CMSS256MB-266SOD or CMSS256MB-333SOD. I promptly ordered the later from newegg. When I got the ram and opened it to install it, I jotted down the information on the sticker and on the back side.


On the front the sticker says:





But on the back it says:

Value Select

VS32M8-6 PS1300515B


I ordered the System Select memory which is more expensive and the one recommended from corsair for the notebook. Why is value select on the back of the memory and not system select.


Thank you to any one that can answer this.

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The System Select uses the same chips as the Value Select; however System selects are configured through the JEDEC memory compliant specification, while Value Select are not and this is the reason why System Select are more expensive than the Value Select.
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