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New PC Build, iCUE v4.9.350 Can't control fan/pump speeds


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I finally completed my new PC and here are the bits:

Using ASUS Dark Hero motherboard +ASUS RTX 3090 GPU (both show on iCue fine).

9 HD120 RGB (2 led hubs)

Dominator Platinum Capellix RAM

2 Commander Pros: 6 fans on 1, 3 fans and the DDC PWM on the other

1 Lighting node pro +1 strip


Three things connected to led channels via adapters

Lian Li Dynamic XL (front LED bard = 3 strips

EKWB Quantum Magnitude ARGB block - 1 Strip

DDC Pump with ARGB - 1 Strip


All the LEDs work fine; however, I cannot get the fans to stop revving to max. Using Quiet right now but changing to basic or extreme doesn't do anything. I want to set up custom curves, but I cannot figure it out. Also, when I do a custom curve, which sensor should I have the software choose to monitor so it doesn't think things are burning up?


I cannot figure out how to rename fans so I know which is what. This new version is very different than the 3.x.x that I'm used to.


Additionally, I cannot figure out how to get the CPU and GPU temps on the dashboard either.


Are there any good guides for setting up fan curves and dealing with the pump, or does anyone have tips on what I need to do? Do I need to go to the v3.38.61 version instead?


Thank you in advance!


@corsair, your how-to guides need to incorporate the new UI and methods as they show the older version.

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