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I have 10 LL120 fans in my case. And sometimes they randomly switch colors. They will be fine most of the time but suddenly they will start switching to random colors or just turn off. Sometimes they wil switcxh back to the colors they are suppost to be and they will switch again. Sometimes it seems just random what LED does what and sometimes its the same patern as they are supposed to be but in different colors or just some of the colors stay okay while others switch. It happens to the same 6 fans (i think it might be the controller but i dont know for shure)


all the switches happen after +- 1 sec and after 3-5 switche they will turn normal for 5-30 second before going crazy again.

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Every single last one of the 10 fans? Or just some of them? Usually this is indicative of a defect in the light sequence, either at the LED level for a specific fan or sometimes on the hub or lighting controller (Core).


Normal procedure is to test them all one at time in slot 1 to see which one displays incorrect lighting. However, that is a big job with 10 fans. Might be better to narrow it down some and also rule out any other potential causes. Possibles include other RGB software. It seems like you may have it already narrowed down to one controller or 6 of the 10. If the whole string of 6 is behaving oddly, start with the fan currently in slot 1. that suggests the problem is early in the series.

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Sorry to hear that. Do all the fans start having this problem, or just some of them?


I would start by checking your connections, and SATA power cables.


Repairing iCUE would be a good idea after checking your connections.



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