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AX1500i 24-pin ATX cable on a AX1600i

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Just bought the AX1600i PSU, and saw that the 24-pin ATX socket it has 28 pin...

Can I use the 24-pin cable that I already have for the old AX1500i or I need to buy a new cable specifically for this PSU ?

After checking the cable if it will plug, it look that I can plug it like this:



Is there any problem in doing that ?

What you recommend ?


Thank you very much

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No you will not be able to utilize the Type 3 24pin connector from the AX1500i on the newer AX1600i that utilizes Type 4 cables. Attempting to do so will not only risk damaging your PSU but also any hardware you plug it into.


This is a suitable cable right ?


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