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Vengeance PRO SL RGB issue (instability)

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I had this issue yesterday.


When trying to optimize ram frequencies, it occurred to me that my B450Pro Gaming booted bios in safe mode, telling me "instability issues".... then i found THE remedy.


1. Cleared CMOS

2. Now in the BIOS booted in EZ mode, don't touch anythnig (even APM or ErP settings, only go to AI Tewaker on the main screen and set it, for me was DOCP 3200MHZ, otherwise my ram kit underclocked to 2133Mhz).

3. Reinstalled Windows 10 and all sofware and games.... it works flawlessly and the ram are at full potential...


... and most of all system is rock stable!!!!


Hope this solution will be helpful for all community!

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