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H150 - 5950x idle temps?

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Anyone using an H150 to cool their 5950x, what are your idle temps like?


The mount is absolutely atrocious on this cooler and it's sometimes tough to keep the pump flat on the chip while mounting. On this one that I've received, while finger tightening the mount bolts, the clamp mechanism will slide out a bit out of the pump base.


In any case, my ambient room temps are usually around 25c. Water temp is around 37-39 at idle. CPU idles 55-60c with ~5% load. Gaming is usually around 75c or so.


Not really blowing me away considering this is a 360 rad.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of AMD pushing almost 1.5V Vcore at idle.

I can't speak for the mounting issues, but your idle temps are unfortunately very common, unless you can manage to reduce your idle load to almost 0%.


AMD was supposed to push out an AGESA update to tame voltages under light load to adress this issue so, maybe look if your motherboard has BIOS updates. that could reduce your temps significantly.

Some people also undervol their CPU, there's tutorials online, worth looking into if you know what you're doing.

Another "solution" would be to uninstall iCUE completely since it tends to account for most of that idle load usually but, that's not a solution is it..

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