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HS70 Pro Feature Request

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Please... I beg you corsair. Make it so we can disable these beeping sounds indication low battery or whatever, I would genuinely rather it die than make a constant beeping sound every minute or so, it's the most annoying thing ever. The best way I could think this could be done is a firmware update wherein the iCue settings you can either fully disable them or set a threshold for how low you want your battery to go before you get any sort of warning, it's so annoying. I can't express how much I would love for something like this to be implemented, it's getting to a point where I regret getting these over my cheap-o £50 fake bose headphones since they never had an issue with too many warnings or whatever.
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In my experience it starts beeping long before it should IMO. Either that or the battery percentage reporting in iCUE is broken as I've had beeps at well above 50%. Also the battery level seem unable to reach 100% even if it's charged for hours.
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