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Replacement fans - for H100i v2


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I've had the H100i v2 for three years and it works pretty well. However the two fans have degraded to the point that I constantly have to take the cooling unit out to fiddle with the fans and spray air into the mechanism in the two fans. And yet they still make a clicking and clacking noise all the time.


So I need to buy new fans for the cooler, except I need to know WHAT fans to buy! I tried buying the proper MM size fans, but the power connectors where the wrong type.


I could really use help on finding the correct type of fans that are the quietest and silent as possible, to buy for the H100i v2.

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By the way, while I was looking for replacement fans I came across this fan product while searching:


Corsair ML140, 140mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan (2-Pack)


Does anyone know if those would work for the cooling unit? And are the ML140 fans efficiently quiet? I ask because they're $40 for a 2-pack, so I want to make certain before I buy them.

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ML140 is the wrong size (140mm) for your 240mm (2x120mm) radiator. However, either the ML120 twin pack or 2 x ML120 Pro fans are good replacement choices.


Thanks, c-attack! I'll see about getting the ML120's! The sooner I have quiet fans on my cooling unit, the better! :-)

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