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H100i only works on MoBo USB header


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Hi all


First post. Built a new PC recently and it's all Corsair as much as possible.

I'm having a few issues with my Corsair components but let's start with this one.


My H100i RGB (Platinum 240mm) will show on iCue (latest version) whe it's plugged directly into the Motherboard USB header.


When it is instead going into a USB hub, it lights up etc but does not display on iCue.


My first USB Hub was the NZXT internal USB hub and I checked all the power, connections etc. No sign of the H100i.


Thinking this was perhaps an issue with the NZXT, I purchased a Corsair Commander Pro because it has USB inputs too.


When I connect the h100i USB into the Commander Pro and then the Commander Pro into the Mobo USB header, I still don't see the H100i.


A bit stuck as to what to do.

I can confirm that all USB connections are checked and triple checked and each USB hub had power and was powering other devices.


Would love to hear your suggestions if you have 2 mins.

Thanks everyone.

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The fact that it is persisting on the NZXT Hub and the Commander Pro points to the USB on your motherboard. Make sure your BIOS is fully updated and that you are running the latest chipset driver from AMD. If the issues persist you really should be reaching out to your motherboard manufacturer at that point.
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